went to Newport tonight, it was amazing

→ in that moment, blue was a little in love with all of them. their magic. their quest. their awfulness and strangeness. her raven boys.

Matty Healy // Hove

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Natural hurr don’t curr (feat. dat eyelash game)

"Poems are never just poems. They’re compensating for something. Here are the words I wish I had written in crescent-moon bite marks down your neck. Here are a hundred words for “stay,” and a hundred more for “please.” Here is how I hold a pen. Here is how the pen holds me. Here are my thoughts, over-steeped in empty fervor. Here is nothing and everything all at the same time."
Fragment 5, Kristina Kutateladze (via overwhelmington)

Ondrash Tattoo


Ondrash Tattoo




Curly water/ wavy hair